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The Security Solution you have been waiting for.

DriveLock founded in Munich, Germany, in 1999, is one of the World's leading solutions providers of cloud-based Endpoint and Data security solutions with offices in the USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and the Middle East.

Our mission is to protect sensitive organizational data, devices, applications and mission critical systems from attack by malicious actors, insider threats and most commonly human error. DriveLock utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, encryption, whitelisting, vulnerability scanning, and behavioral analytics blended with advanced real time monitoring and control solutions based on the Zero Trust model.

In today's security architectures, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim "Never trust, always verify". Many organizations often struggle when attempting to implement a Zero Trust model, talk to us at DriveLock we help make the "Complex Simple, and the Simple Compelling". DriveLock cloud-based solutions offer various multi-layered security, delivered immediately via a single agent, with advanced admin control options and real time reporting that are extremely economical and highly effective.

DriveLock Device Control, Application Control System Management solutions are Common Criteria EAL3+, and our experienced consulting teams can quickly deploy DriveLock as a stand-alone solution and or assist with the integration of our solutions with any existing systems, at any scale, helping to attain compliance with NIST 800 171 and CMMC Level 1-5 requirements.

Try DriveLock cloud-based endpoint protection trial free of charge and without any obligation. DriveLock is proudly "Made in Germany" and "Without any Backdoor".

Device Control

Perfect infrastructure protection for your business through targeted control of external devices and drives

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Application Control

Control all applications with dynamic whitelisting and intelligent rights management

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Security Awareness

Ultimate line of defense for your company: Advanced, event driven security awareness, through consistent and tailored employee education

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BitLocker Management

Compliance and security management for your valuable data with perfected BitLocker hard disk encryption

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Vulnerability Management

Protection and compliance for your business thanks to automated identification and remediation of vulnerabilities

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Defender Management

Achieve maximum protection with the integration Management of Microsoft Defender AV into the Zero Trust Platform

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Risk & Compliance

Advanced protection for your devices. Automated Prevention with an early warning system that recognizes anomalies and initiates protective measures

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