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Offensive Security Services

Vulnerbaility Analysis

A Vulnerability Analysis is combined process of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to get the in depth search for weaknesses and exposures exists in the computing system.

Common exploits occurs because of weakness found in computing environment i.e. infrastructure and applications and these exploits are an attack against the organizations :

In order to secure the above, organizations needs expert professionals services to mitigate the risk of Security breaches.

ARBPWorldwide Offers services of “Vulnerability Analysis” that will provide organizations a more detailed view of the threats face by its computing Infrastructure and applications, enabling the organization to better protect its system and data from malicious attacks.

Secure Code Review

With so many applications and legal compliance requirements from the industries , organizations needs to ensure the applications are free from flaws before its usability.

With ARBPWorldwide Secure Code Review(SCR) Services, Organizations can identify and fix potentially risky security vulnerabilities in the late stages of the development process of the applications. It is the last threshold before an application is released and SCR serve as a sort of final review to check that the code is safe and sound , and that all dependencies and controls of the applications are secured and functional.

Our Security Code Review approach covers the following elements which will help developers to make on the soundness of the source code in each of the following areas:

Honey Pot System

ARBPWordlwide Offers organizations to setup Honeypot system in order to achieve the Following objectives:

  • Learn how intruders probe and attempt to gain access to your systems. The general idea is that since a record of the intruders activities is kept, you can gain insight into attack methodologies to better protect your real production systems.
  • Gather forensic information required to aid in the apprehension or prosecution of intruders. This is the sort of information often needed to provide law enforcement officials with the details needed to prosecute.

Honey Pot Systems are decoy servers or systems setup to gather information regarding an attacker or intruder into your system.

A Honey Pot system is setup to be easier prey for intruders than true production systems but with minor system modifications so that their activity can be logged of traced. The general thought is that once an intruder breaks into a system, they will come back for subsequent visits. During these subsequent visits, additional information can be gathered and additional attempts at file, security and system access on the Honey can be monitored and saved.

A General Approach of setting up Honey Pot system for a traditional Network Security can be depicted as Follows:

Internet of Things (IOT) Penetration Tests

The tremendous increase in internet users over the past few years led the demand for the smart devices such as smart cars, smart security cameras , smart medical devices and implants , smart home , smart power and many more. Everything around us is always connected and continuously communicating among each and hence it is hard to challenge on the value of the IOT’s.(Internet of Things).

But new connectivity means a broader attack surface for hackers to steal personally identifiable information (PII), medical records, and intellectual property.

The Security Challenge: Most of the devices in the Internet of Things will be used in two broad areas:

  • Critical Infrastructure - power production/generation/distribution, manufacturing, transportation, etc.
  • Personal "infrastructure" - personal medical devices, automobiles, home entertainment and device control, retail

Critical infrastructure represents an attractive target for national and industrial espionage, denial of service and other disruptive attacks. Internet connected things that touch very sensitive personal information are high priority targets for cyber criminals, identity theft and fraud. In both of these areas, new technology requiring new approaches to security will be added to legacy systems employing legacy security processes and technology. While the same Critical Security Controls will be needed in the Internet of Things, the way security is architected, delivered and monitored will need to change.

ARBPWorldwide provides the IOT Pen tests services as per the HEATHEN framework .Heathen IoT of Things Penetration Testing Framework developed as a research project, which automatically help developers and manufacturers build more secure products in the Internet of Things space based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It provides a set of features in every fundamental era.

  • Insecure Web Interface
  • Insufficient Authentication/Authorization
  • Insecure Network Services
  • Lack of Transport Encryption
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Insecure Cloud Interface
  • Insecure Mobile Interface
  • Insufficient Security Configurability
  • Insecure Software/Firmware
  • Poor Physical Security

Incident Response Tests

An Incident Response Test involves an Internal and/or External Attack and Penetration Test, and is used to get a much deeper understanding of the Incident Response capabilities of an organization.

ARBPWorldwide offers Services of Incident response tests which involves the following


SCADA means “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”. It is a type of control system can be used to monitor many different kinds of equipment in many different kinds of environments.

In General, it refers to Industrial Control System(ICS).

ICS/SCADA is the most important system that widely use in many Critical National Information Infrastructure including power plants, factories, Oil and gas substations, transportations, national defense & security, food & agriculture all over the world. However, the SCADA system is not well secured and has lots of vulnerabilities on the network structure, protocol, and product.

These systems control critical components of industrial automation networks. If there’s a problem with it, the essential services (such as water and power) could shut down the services for thousands or millions of people.

Therefore, it makes SCADA system to exposed to more bigger risk than normal IT infrastructure. These risks can be connected to cyber warfare and cyber terror that cause huge accident to an organization or even a country.

ARBPWorldwide SCADA/ICS tests ensures to find out the flaws and weakness and use the following methodology:

Network Infrastructure, Host Operating System, Applications PLCs, RTUs..etc

Security Awareness Services

One of the greatest threats to information security always comes from within your organization. Current Trends shows that the most of the dangerous attacks happens due to some employee working inside and that too when they are least expected. This happens not because the employee or stakeholder intent is to cause the threat but mostly is the result of uninformed and unawareness.

Security Awareness should be an integral and ongoing process for the smooth running of the organizations operations.

ARBPWorldwide develops customized programs for the organizations that will help the organizations to safeguard themselves. Our Consultants gives trainings to technical and non-technical employees and make them aware of various security threats. The goal is to make the organization compliant as well as to ensure that program should change the human behaviors and hence reduces the risk.

Some of our Approach methods for Security Awareness Services are as Follows:

The focus is to have the continuous communication via multiple methods with the each stakeholders.